The Story of Hidden Rhythms


Many years ago, I was asked to teach a guitar class at my local high school. Through that process, I learned that I am passionate about helping people discover the music they didn't know they have inside them. The music that is hidden to them.

Later, when I needed to come up with a "doing business as" name for a music therapy contract I held, I reflected on who I was as a musician and music therapist. I wanted to come up with a name that reflects my passion for the work. I remembered that guitar class, and the delight I felt in helping people uncover those hidden rhythms within. Thus, Hidden Rhythms Music Therapy Services was born.

In 2011, I started a blog entitled "Hidden Rhythms" and that's when the tag line "Discovering Your Own Unique Rhythm" was originated.

Today, Hidden Rhythms Music Circles is the next evolution of that passion for discovering the hidden within. Encompassing community building, Music Medicine, music therapy, drum circles, and storytelling, Hidden Rhythms Music Circles offers the best of ancient, and modern human expression.