Music Medicine Altar

Music Medicine Altar

Music Medicine

Music Medicine, originated by Christine Stevens (UpBeat Drum Circles), combines ancient indigenous wisdom with modern science. This unique music circle experience centers on the four elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Silence. Each element brings powerful medicine. Rhythm, Medicine for the Body, Melody, Medicine for the Heart, Harmony, Medicine for the Soul, and Silence, Medicine for the Mind. When these elements are not balanced within us, we cannot show up in the world in a completely authentic way. Why is this important? Only when we show up authentically are we able to unleash our unique gifts on the world!

A Music Medicine circle includes active and passive experiences while exploring each of the elements of music.

No previous musical experience is required. Everyone is free to experience and explore in a safe, welcoming environment!

Connect with your own inner music and experience the timeless power of sound to enliven, invigorate and heal.