Travel anxiety

Tomorrow, bright and early, I will board a plane for the first time in sixteen years. Long before 9/11 and TSA regulations.

Can I strap my riq bag to my backpack and carry that on? Will my carry on bag fit in the bin? Will they question the CPAP I plan to carry in the carry on? Will they think it's suspicious for me to be carrying a laptop, Droid, iPod Touch and iPod 160?

Can I get by with taking my environmentally friendly soap?

Did I mention I am going to Allied Team Training for Parkinson's? Did I also mention I will be learning from Concetta Tomaino? Legendary figure in music therapy with neurological disorders...and there is only one other music therapist signed up for the amazing is this experience going to be?

Will my suitcase be too heavy? I will be gone for five nights...I've never packed for a flight where I will be gone for five nights. Will I be like my beloved, who a couple of months ago was detained for two hours because for some reason she kept setting off the explosive materials alarms? (She may be a bombshell with an explosive personality, but I assure you she never touches the stuff!)

I usually keep my anxiety in check about many things in life...this one is getting to me for some reason.

I will get to spend some good time with co-workers and getting to know them better...I'm looking forward to that part of it.

Everyone keeps telling me everything will be long as I can fit my stuff where it needs to go and I don't set off an airport lockdown, I should be fine.

Irrational fears, or sensible preparedness?