3 reasons I don't believe in bulleted lists

I'm new to the blogging world. I've only been at it for a few months now. The number of views I get goes up and down depending on what I post. I don't repost links to my posts...some people do, and that's fine for them, but I figure that the people who are supposed to read my stuff will find it one way or another. But I digress.

So here are the three reasons I don't believe in bulleted lists:

  • I'm a bit of a non-conformist. I've read "how to" blogs about improving your blog. One of the tips a lot of people mention is blogging with bulleted lists. I'm guessing the idea is that in our fast paced technological life, people want bite sized pieces of information spoon fed to them. I've long been the exception to the rules, and I believe that by blogging without the nice and tidy lists, I'm holding true to my non-conformist nature. Note: I have a lot of online friends that blog from time to time with bulleted lists and their blogs have huge readerships and are very popular...I'm not thumbing my nose at my comrades of the keyboard...I'm gettin' all Sinatra on it and doing it MY way...no disrespect intended.
  • You need to slow down! By making my readers work a bit more to extrapolate the truth I'm sharing, I encourage people to take a small break from the break-neck pace of their lives. Mine all the little nuggets of wisdom and sometimes insanity that I throw your way. You may not be quoting a laundry list to your friends, but maybe you'll have a chance to meditate on my words and interrupt the maddening rate at which your life flies by.
  • I intend to be required reading. No, this isn't some fanciful thought and it isn't a hyp0manic episode (thanks to the meds). This is me visioning, thinking outside of the box and doing it in a big way! What if, just what if MY random musing became required reading for music therapists in the future? Do you think Sun Tzu ever imagined his efforts in writing "The Art of War" would someday be required reading for every student at a military academy half a world away, thousands of years after he wrote it? I'm hedging my bets that the philosophical writers like myself are more likely to get on a required reading list than list writers (again, no disrespect my brothers and sisters).
  • I write for myself. Yes, the title of the post says "3 reasons" and I'm giving you 4...told you I was a non-conformist! Anyhow, I don't write this blog to be popular. I write so that others might benefit from my ideas, but mostly, I write for myself. To express all these ideas I have and take a thing or two off my overloaded mind.