A Declaration of Determination

I feel jet lagged and exhausted. I feel pressures emotionally, financially, educationally, personally, spiritually...

I want to crawl into bed and sleep away the agonizing exhaustion and maybe all the stress will seem less when I awake...


I have work to do.

Not out of commitment to contract or sense of obligation to those who are depending on me.

I have work to do, because there are some things about my current situation that are unacceptable.

I can no longer abide by feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. I will show gratitude to the Universe/Great Spirit/Creator/God/Goddess/All One for this beautiful life with all of the challenges that make me stronger and wiser.

I will not diminish the wonderful gifts I have been given to share with this world by harming myself with self doubt, poor food choices, unhealthy habits, depression and damaging patterns of behavior .

I will do what needs to be done to physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially protect myself, my wife, my children, biological and by choice, and our families, and when we are well secure, I will help others find that security for themselves.

I bear witness to the Great Fear so many are burdened with. I see it, and choose to live outside of it. I choose to live beyond the fear that those who would control us perpetuate. To live in Fear is to live small. None of us are small. We each have important purpose in this life and by living in Fear, by living small, we cannot fulfill our purpose.

I will nourish body, mind, spirit. I will rest when needed, but I will not be passive. I will live my life as authentically as I can. I will love myself and love humanity.

The time for me to cower and live in fear has passed.

I choose love, I choose light, I choose wholeness, I choose life.

Shine on.

My life will not