No Tolerance For Rape Or Rape Jokes

I want to make one thing CRYSTAL clear. I have no tolerance for anyone who would even consider raping someone. I am a martial arts instructor and enjoy teaching self defense classes. I've taught with my instructor as well as a female friend of mine. I always felt like I was helping people have a better chance of surviving a self defense situation...rape is one of these awful situations.

I realized recently how our approach was incomplete all these years of teaching self defense. We taught from the mindset (when specifically teaching rape defense) "Don't get raped." Things that go into this mindset are things like: being aware of your surroundings, keep a clear head and the fact that 90% of self defense is not getting into a situation where you need self defense skills.

Recently, through the miracle of Facebook, I have been introduced to the part of the training we didn't teach..."Don't rape."

I was inspired by a series of ads running in Edmonton, which I found on Facebook just a few minutes ago. I reposted the link on my wall and within a minute or two, I was horrified at a comment one of my Facebook friends made: "But remember its not rape its a struggle snuggle."

I immediately replied: You're a sick bastard. You're also unfriended.


This person is the son of people I used to go to church with. He always seemed harmless enough, although his obsession with firearms combined with general ignorance (never a good combination) always creeped me out a little.

His comment is inexcusable. There are some things that are never funny to joke about. I have a no tolerance policy for such asinine behavior. I suggest you don't tolerate it either.

Now that I have clearly stated my position, I move forward in love and light.