Margaritaville Radio

Every time I hear a Jimmy Buffett song, I think of my beloved C and our honeymoon. Margaritaville Radio on satellite became the soundtrack of our honeymoon. We got married on Wisconsin and drove to Florida to depart for our cruise to the Bahamas. We listened to Jimmy's music the whole way there and the whole way back.

For all intents and purposes, my wife introduced me to Jimmy Buffett's music. Sure, in tenth grade English we did a lyric analysis of "Margaritaville" and I had heard some of his music off and on over the years, but it was C that really showed me how fun it is to be a Parrot Head. Through her own enjoyment of the music, I came to love it as well.

Tonight, as "Margaritaville" played on the local radio station, I instantly began smiling with fond memories of that blessed time in our lives.

Tomorrow, I leave New Mexico to move to Florida for a few months. I realized as the song was playing how things are returning to where they began in a way.

With my new assignment, my contract ends two days before our first wedding anniversary. Instead of spending our anniversary in Branson, Missouri, somewhere neither of us had been to, we will spend a few days at a beach resort and a few days in The Keys.

We've spent most of our first year living apart, and though we will spend most of our second year living apart as well, it seems like we will begin again, where we began a year ago.

It's so fitting.

And you'd better believe Jimmy Buffett will be playing.