Flow is the state of effortless effort.

-Steven Kotler, guerrilla neuroscientist

Rhythmic Flow

We've all had that feeling of "being in the zone." Time seems to evaporate...minutes, sometimes hours go by before we realize it. The Force is with us! We are focused and creative and with no more effort than it is to breathe.

THAT is flow!

It's not some mythical state of being that only a chosen few can enter.

What if you could greatly improve you chances of entering a flow state? What if entering flow was as simple as accessing and enhancing something you always have within you?

Rhythmic Flow is an experience designed to improve your chances for entering a flow state.

Using a combination of guided visualization, and specific drumming techniques, participants have a greater chance of entering flow and experiencing it beyond the session. (You may want to bring a notebook in case the creative juices flow and you need to capture all that inspiration!)

At the very least, you will experience one or more of the following: feeling relaxed, feeling energized, creative ideas, greater focus, and concentration, feeling satiated, a great workout, connecting with the rhythm that connects us all!

No experience is necessary. Your life is all the experience you need!