Music Medicine Sound Bath

If you are a regular south bather, or if you've never even heard of a sound bath, a Music Medicine Sound Bath may just be what you're looking for!

Sound baths are a time for you to receive. Bathers relax, lying on the floor, usually on a yoga mat and supported by pillows, or rolled towels to their comfort.

Live music is then played, typically for an hour.

Yogapedia shares this about the ancient practice:

A sound bath is believed to have these benefits:

- Calms the nervous system

- Balances the subtle body

- Eases depression and anxiety

- Boosts creativity

- Is therapeutic for chronic pain

- Eases insomnia

- Deepens meditation

The challenge in the modern Western world is that many sound baths are unbalanced! Many sound baths today focus on the use of singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and gongs.

These amazing instruments can bring powerful change and wonderful calm...but they are only PART of the story.

A Music Medicine Sound Bath takes the bather on a journey through all four elements of music. When Body, Heart, Soul, and Mind are all attended to equally, it makes for a deeply rich, balanced experience.

To nurture your Inner Music, make your next sound bath, a Music Medicine Sound Bath!