WOW! Namu!

I come away with a grounded presence and direction as to how to attend to my own self through music – and ever accessible tool! From body, heart, soul, and mind...
thank you!

Thank you for finding a way to make your sacred gifts available to me to receive. Thank you for your practice. Thank you. Thank you.
Lara MB
Thank you for the offerings of your teachings and sharings. I call myself “culturally illiterate” and consider myself musically disenchanted – even though I am aware of that all is vibration in the deepest healings happen with vibration. Today’s workshop helped me to get past some of the barriers I have created. And – it was FUN!

Gratitude for the inspiration.
I liked having both the demonstration and experience aspects of tonight. It was fun to hear how there was harmony in the rhythm and silence. One of my favorite parts was how we all laughed just before the harmony section, and did silly things with our drums during rhythm. How not having the fans on in the room allowed us to hear the clock was very interesting to hear.
Love, Rose
Namu is an amazing teacher and facilitator. I learned so much both personally and professionally during my Music Medicine workshop. It was my pleasure to learn from him and the other participants. He is one of the best facilitators I have ever had a chance to work with or learn from. Thank you,
Dr. T
I was so happy to have the chance to enter Stephen’s drum circle at our University.  He has a peaceful spirit and very calm persona that made it easy to join without any preoccupation or fear about being able to fit in.  Stephen was warm and welcoming, and even though many distractions (we were at a larger event for health and wellness with many other activities going on around us), Stephen recruited people to join the drum circle by simply drumming and smiling in an open circle of percussion instruments.  It was refreshing and fun!  I wish I could have more opportunities to drum with Stephen!
David B.
My gratitude for the front row seat to an experience that feeds the soul. Your two events on our campus were a welcome pause for our students and faculty before finals week. They had a wonderful and playful time discovering the sounds, texture, beat, and connectivity we share through your drum circle.
M. Hugo